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Different Social Media Platforms

Do you know that social media is for your business too? Social media for your business is one of the most beneficial strategies in digital marketing. There are leading social media platforms that can be useful for your business. Each has a different unique approach and benefits. But which social media platforms are perfectly right for your business? Social media marketing is one of the useful digital marketing strategies that we discussed in the previous blog


Facebook has more than 2 billion daily users. It is the most common platform that you can use for business. Other than having a huge daily traffic, Facebook targets and re-target your audience using Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Advertising can help you reach your specific target audience.Since it has a wide user base and demographics, Facebook Ads can help you reach the right audience. All you need is to set the right information in your ads like age, gender, interests, jobs and other important details.

Tip : Facebook Advertising can cost you money at first but with the right plan and the right set up of your ads, you can gain double or more ROI from it.


Instagram has a big potential like Facebook. It has 500 million users and has almost the same benefit with Facebook ads except that you can grow your followers organically and for free. In Facebook advertising, you have to set a budget to reach a wider specific target audience to increase your followers and promote your business. While on Instagram, you can do it for free and paying to Instagram ads is just another option. This is the main reason that makes instagram good for marketing. 

Tip : Make your content more interesting and helpful. Increase your value by getting more organic engagements.


Twitter has more than 300 million users that are mostly active for sharing the latest updates and trends. You can use this social media platform to promote and engage with your audience and by using the right hashtags, you can reach new audiences that might be interested in your content. 

Tip : Interact often to your customers or audience and delight them with special promos and discounts.


Youtube is the right place if you love creating video content. It’s the number platform for video sharing and one of the top number of users. It has more than 1.8 billion users. In fact, video content nowadays can get more reach and engagements compared to just using  links and images. 

Tip : Video content is more interesting than just a plain text or images. Make relevant videos that will educate your audience or attract their interest.


If you are looking for a social network for professionals, LinkedIn is the right social media platform for you. It has more than 200 million users and you network with other professionals within your niche. You can share posts, ask questions, advice and promote your business here. This platform is one of the most effective networking sites in terms of professional engagements. All you need to do is be visible and consistent to gain followers and lead them to conversions.

Tip : Make your approach professional and direct to the point. Build your authority to gain more trust in the industry.


Social media is a powerful tool to reach your market. And by using these social media platforms, you can reach a bigger audience. Each platform has unique traits and advantages in the competition. Use them well to get out the most of its benefits. Is there anything you can add, comment down below.

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