The History of Digital Marketing


The History of Digital Marketing

Welcome to my blog!

Digital marketing is one of my offered services that is why we will talk about the history  of digital marketing today.

Way back in late 2015, I was hired as a full-time virtual digital marketing assistant. This was the time I started my digital career.

And the funny thing is, I started without any experience in any of my responsibilities. And I didn’t even know what exactly digital marketing is. So what does it really mean?

The common meaning you can find online is

“Digital Marketing is the process of promoting products and services using any electronic devices or digital channels. These channels include but are not limited to website pages, web applications, social media, email, phones, and search engine optimization.”

In other terms, when someone is promoting any products or services using electronic devices like the internet, it is called digital marketing.

The history of digital marketing

Okay, let’s go back to the history of digital marketing.

The first term of “digital marketing” was used during the 1990s. This time the internet was just coming and the development of the web 1.0 platform was on progress. 

At this time, the only activity you could do was reading the content on the computer but after 3 years, the first clickable banner was introduced. 

Then, HotWired purchased a big number of clickable banners for their advertising in 1993. From then on, digital marketing started to take a big step in the online business.

The next year, new technologies started to enter digital marketing. Yahoo was launched in that same year. After it was launched, different companies started to pay attention and entered the digital marketplace.

And in 1998, Google entered the digital business and the digital industry keeps growing faster. Years after, social media business started to enter. 

It means that digital marketing existed for 30 years already. And we are lucky that we were born at this age when the era of digital marketing is on top. 

The Digital Marketing Today

I remembered a clip video that was shared with me by a friend. In that video, Bill Gates was a guest in a show. He was asked what the internet can do for everyone. 

As he was trying to explain the power of the internet, people laughed as if it was like a joke. But who would have thought that day that almost everyone today uses the internet as one of the necessities in their lives. Just like the internet, digital marketing evolves a lot too. 

Digital Marketing is almost everywhere. You can experience it from clickable banners to telephone, to television, to the radio, to emails, and to social media. 

Digital marketing  is more on interactions. Way back again in 2015, when I started working as a virtual assistant, I experienced how digital marketing works and how it helps the company to achieve its goal.

I remembered the first day of my work that I was told to make an e-newsletter for all the company’s email subscribers. My goal was to deliver a message that the company was hosting an event and they have promotional discounts for those interested in buying tickets in advance. 

Also, I managed the company’s social page and social media communities. My responsibility was to engage with the followers and build a bigger community for the company.

These are some of the digital marketing we can experience today. In addition to this, we can use the Smart Insights 5D’s of digital marketing to make it easier for us how digital marketing works today.


Digital devices 

The digital devices like TV’s, smartphones, computers, and gaming devices can be used as mediums to help any audience experience the brands. It can help the business to interact with its consumers.

Digital platforms

These digital platforms exist through a browser or application. Like what I am doing right now, I interact with you (my audience ) through blogging.

By using this platform, you can experience my brand and interact with each other by leaving a comment below. Other digital platforms are Google and Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Digital media

These are the communication channels that aim to reach and engage with their audience through free or paid channels like email, instant messaging, advertising, search engine, and social media platforms. 

Digital data

If you are familiar with Insights, businesses use insight to collect data for their audience. And this data can be used on the business as an advantage to study their audience and know when and how they will approach their consumers.

Digital technology

Digital technology is a marketing tool that businesses use to create interactive experiences with their audiences. Sometimes you can experience it in the mobile app, websites, emails, and in-store kiosks.


Digital Marketing is the process of promoting products and services using any electronic devices or digital channels. However, digital marketing is not just a strategy for a business. It should be part of the business. We will discuss more about digital marketing on our next blogs.

The history of digital marketing proves that it changes the game of business today and it evolves faster. Do you agree? Let us know your opinions about it in the comment section.


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